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Earthquake, tsunami, an unprecedented disaster in Japan

Japan which consists of 6852 islands is home of the earthquakes.  The ground moves here the most often under its inhabitant’s feet several thousand times a year. Your entire life is greeted with uncertainty that maybe 20-40 seconds are left of their lives, or their life may change. One simply cannot just get use to earthquakes. During my 31 years…

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FUKURYU, the secret unit of the Japanese Special Offensive Corps (Lurking Dragons)

Among the displays at the Yushukan Museum of the Heroes, which stands next to the Yasukun shrine in Tokyo, there is a space reserved among the kamikaze relics for the Lurking Dragons. This unit of the Japanese Special Offensive Corps, established in the Second World War, was so secret that, decades after the war, not even their compatriots knew about…

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THE LAST SAMURAI (An exclusive interview with actor Mr. Hiroshi Fujioka)

Samurai is the word for a Japanese warrior class and also for a member of this class.Samurais first rose during the Japanese Middle Ages, the Heian period, in the 10th century.At that time the Japanese shogunate, a system of military rule controlled by the shogun, was formed.Under this system, the emperor ranked the highest, followed by the daimyo, shogun, samurai,…

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